Shari Arison talks with Osnat Steinberg, an Integrative Medicine therapist specializing in energy treatments for both structural rehabilitation and spiritual rehabilitation. Her One Method healing modality was received in channeling from the arc angels and the creator over 30 years.

EOL Radio April 05, 2020

Shari Arison opens her new Essence of Life radio series in English, with a special guest, Osnat Steinberg, who is an integrative medicine therapist.

Originally a physiotherapist specializing in chronic pain and joint dysfunction, Steinberg began her professional journey managing multidisciplinary medical rehabilitation centers in Texas. Yet, she was always drawn to the energy aspect of medicine and healing, and gradually gravitated towards modalities that combine mind-body-spirit. Her integrative treatments today can accurately gauge the source of a medical situation, and locate if it is rooted in a person’s physical or spiritual realm, to ensure rehabilitation is focused and effective.

Photography: Unsplash