Shari Arison talks with Osnat Harel, the Director General of the Adler Institute, about giving parents the knowledge and tools for educating their children towards independence, decision making, personal responsibility, and a life within a society that is humanistic and democratic.

EOL Radio June 14, 2020

Shari Arison and Osnat Harel explore how children are influenced by the way parents choose to present reality, helping them accept movements, changes, and challenges. The greatest duty in life for a parent, is raising their children to be responsible, compassionate, and positive human beings. The Adler institute that Harel directs aims to help with practical tools.

Harel, who for almost two decades has been with the Adler Institute, an organization committed to the improvement of relations in the circles of family, work, and community, draws on her own experience of parenthood moving around the world with her family. She explains how experiencing multiple cultures has widened their angel on life. Pluralism was encouraged in her own household, and Shari stresses how critical this all is as a tool for bridging bridges. The Adler Institute teaches a model for differentiating between events that happen in life, at work, in the family, with others, and having personal control over how these events are understood by each of us. It is this interpretation to the events that evoke emotions, which determine a person’s behavior. “We might have an instinct,” but tools are necessary, Shari stresses, in regard to parenthood. In their conversation, the two agree on many aspects, and mostly on how we are all connected, as individuals, communities, countries, the universe. Everything we do has an influence on others.

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