Shari Arison talks with Nader Botto, a senior cardiovascular physician and inventor of the Energetic Rinse method, about his Integrative Medicine approach that combines conventional and holistic medicine to treat a wide spectrum of disorders, by connecting between body, spirit, and soul.

EOL Radio May 10, 2020

Shari Arison explores the meeting-point between medicine and spirituality with Dr. Nader, a senior cardiovascular physician who has always searched for the meaning of life and the essence of the human being.

As a cardiologist, Dr. Nader shares how the heart has taught him about the laws of the universe. He has worked to integrate physicality and the psyche, developing an integrative treatment system that accurately maps-out the correlation between physical diseases and psychological conflicts. He stresses there is a learning process that psychological conflicts are meant to ignite within us, but are often stopped due to the physical event. Shari Arison discusses with him the importance of searching for our role in life, and how giving of ourselves to others is the path to finding our place in the world – by serving others with love.

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