Shari Arison interviews Lynne McTaggart, the renowned spiritual leader, about her groundbreaking work in consciousness and the power of intention. She is the architect of the Intention Experiment, which proves the impactful power of group-thoughts on magnifying the effect over a specific target.

EOL Radio December 10, 2020

Shari Arison hosts Lynne McTaggart, renowned spiritual leader, bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and architect of the Intention Experiment. Her experiment proves that people’s focused intentions, actively thought-out within a small group setting, create positive impact on a targeted cause, even across vast distances. McTaggart calls it a type of “psychic Internet”.

In the interview, the two discussed the incredible dual effect of the Intent Experiment. Not only do such experiments show a substantial improvement in the targeted issue (for example, reducing violence in Missouri, or advancing peace in Jerusalem), participants also experience change on a personal evel, some reporting back and saying, “I am more in love with everyone that I come into contact with.”

As Shari points out, “That’s the field, basically, we’re all connected, so if we’re going to have an effect on others, it effects ourselves as well, and our families, and our surroundings.” For International Day of Peace, September 21, 2020, McTaggart hosted a new Intention Experiment that invited people worldwide to join online and work as an intent group together, around the specific target: Rebuild the Middle East Intention Experiment.

Ramon Carretero / shutterstock