Shari Arison talks with Lama Dvora-Hella, a long-time Buddhist practitioner inspired by the authentic Tibetan tradition, about the Arava spiritual center that she founded, the books she translated, and the efforts she makes to promote peace in the Middle East through the Dharma and yoga that she teaches.

EOL Radio June 23, 2020

Shari Arison and Lama Dvora-Hella delve into the deep teaching of the Tibetan Dharma, in which she was trained and initiated. She explains that out of the massive ancient traditions there are several essential stages that must be followed, in the right order, to bring a person quickly into themselves. She tells her story of transition into Buddhism from being a mathematician and computer scientist working in a top American research center. What started her off, was a chance meeting with a Buddhist teacher who was exceptionally joyful. 

She explains that a person can make real progress into enlightenment, by following several stages aided by a genuine teacher. Some of these include finding the teacher and learning how to treat them properly, recognizing impermanence, acknowledging the rarity of human life and the opportunities that it affords, considering karma and causality, morality, love for others, and more.

Studying with Lama Dvora-Hella leads to a reduction in agitation, and an increase peacefulness. Courses are attuned to the open teaching methodology, which scans the original classics in a relatively short time. She also conducts panels for peace in the Middle East. Finding genuine happiness means reaching a sense of stable wellbeing. It means finding your heart. Or, as Shari puts it, “finding the path within.”

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash