Shari Arison talks with Gayatri Naraine, a spiritual educator, writer, speaker, student and senior teacher at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, and its UN representative to expand awareness. She specializes in integrating Raja Yoga mediation principles and values into contemporary life.

EOL Radio May 14, 2020

How to connect to your true authentic self, is one of the key questions that Shari Arison discusses with Gayatri Naraine, a senior teacher of Brahma Kumaris.

The words ‘Essence of Life’ receive added meaning in this interview, because they signify the soul and life-force for Naraine, who discusses the way of Brahma Kumaris. It’s all about taking the teachings into our own lives and dropping the control factor, or the we vs. others factor, while opening up wider horizons that truly connect us with others. “When we connect the soul, the essence of life, to the [person’s] role that is being played in life, we get a universality”, Naraine explains, and delves deeper into Brahma Kumaris universities across the world. Her work in the UN promotes women’s rights worldwide, balancing out global agendas.

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